Education at Spectrum Science Museum (Missoula, MT)

I am the lead coordinator for "Scientist Thursdays" at SpectrUM science museum, located in downtown missoula. Each week, we give the public the opportunity to meet and greet with a local University of Montana researcher and explore one aspect of their resea
rch. Recently, I brought high-speed cameras to the museum to let children explore how they move in high-speed and learn how basic physics helps us understand locomotion!

"Physics in Action" no-school camp

Through spectrUM, I am creating a day-long physics in action camp to explore terrestrial, aerial, and aquatic locomotion with children ages 8 - 12. 

Undergraduate Mentoring

Please email me if you're interested in doing research with me at the flight lab! 
Current Undergraduate Research Projects:
(1) Ecomorphology and Function of wing shape
(2) Kinematics & Aerodynamics of Japanese Quail

Educational visits to middle and highschool groups

At the flight lab, we host all ages to discover how we research bird flight! Please email me if you're interested in a tour!