I have mentored 16 undergraduate, postgraduate, and alternative-student researchers on their own unique projects, which has produced multiple presentations and one scientific publication. Additionally, I have mentored over 70 undergraduate students in group biomechanics research projects as part of their capstone course, Vertebrate Anatomy & Design.

Please email me if you're interested in doing research with me!

Education at Spectrum Science Museum (Missoula, MT)

I am the lead coordinator for "Scientist Thursdays/Fridays" at SpectrUM science museum, located in downtown missoula. Each week, we give the public the opportunity to meet and greet with a local University of Montana researcher and explore one aspect of their resea
rch. Recently, I brought high-speed cameras to the museum to let children explore how they move in high-speed and learn how basic physics helps us understand locomotion!

"Flight Physics" no-school camp

On Martin Luther King day 2014, I created and helped design a day-long camp for 20 children ages 6 to 12 to explore flight! Kids met a research pigeon, participated in PIV-style experiments with themselves and the bird (helped with a bubble maker!), and explored kinematics with our high-speed cameras. They also learned about wing design, bernoulli, and created stomp rockets and paper airplanes!

Physics Homeschool Group

I am partnering with SpectrUM Science Museum's homeschool classrooms to teach biology and physics! I have served as a consultant for curriculum creation, and will visit the classroom to lead kids in PIV-style experiments to learn about fluid dynamics.