Pigeon in Slow Flight

Pigeon after take-off, filmed at 1000 frames per second and played back at 30 frames per second  (video from Crandell & Tobalske, 2011)

Diamond Dove Take-off

Diamond dove taking off from a flexible wood perch (flexural stiffness = 0.4). This video is part of a project with UM undergraduate senior Austin Smith to explore take-off performance in relation to the natural environment (see Crandell, Smith, Crino, and Tobalske, 2018)

check out the University of Montana Flight Lab's youtube page for more!

Images in title bar (L-R): (1) Digital Particle Image Velocimetry of a Diamond Dove in flight (2) Tody (Todidae Todus) from the Dominican Republic (3) Scanning electron micrograph of the microstructure of Anolis garmani adhesive toe pads, spatular tips (each approximately 1 um wide)