Pigeon in Slow Flight

Pigeon after take-off, filmed at 1000 frames per second and played back at 30 frames per second  (video from Crandell & Tobalske, 2011)

Diamond Dove Take-off

Diamond dove taking off from a flexible wood perch (flexural stiffness = 0.4). This video is part of an ongoing project with UM undergraduate senior Austin Smith to explore take-off performance in relation to the natural environment.

check out the University of Montana Flight Lab's youtube page for more!

Images in title bar (L-R): (1) Digital Particle Image Velocimetry of a Diamond Dove in flight (2) Tody (Todidae Todus) from the Dominican Republic (3) Scanning electron micrograph of the microstructure of Anolis garmani adhesive toe pads, spatular tips (each approximately 1 um wide)